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Your BEST Ramadan EVER 

How to Apply Productivity Science To Make an 
Organized Ramadan Routine 
- Even If You Struggle with Poor Habits and Inconsistency 

Join me on Sunday, 12th April at 
3.30pm UK time (BST)/ 10.30am (FULL!
or 7pm BST/ 2pm ET 
On this Exclusive Free Training, you will learn:
  • Why a 'stay-at-home Ramadan' should be the REASON for your best Ramadan ever!
  • ​How to take inspiration from the incredible Ramadan schedules of our scholars, without overwhelm, and adapted for your personal situation.  
  • ​The secret to true transformation and consistency that lasts well beyond one month
  • ​A method to replicate the power of group worship (like Tarawih) 
About Your Trainer
Tushar Imdad
Tushar is a High Performance Coach whose services have attracted delegates as varied as CEOs, corporate professionals, housewives, dentists and scholars from across the globe. He regularly writes articles for and has often been featured in He is one of the only coaches in the world who combine cutting-edge productivity systems, scientific habit-forming programmes and Allah-centred focus. 

             1000s of happy readers, students and clients
  • Your life is breaths... I personally use the personal management systems that Tushar is teaching, and have found them extremely helpful. I know Tushar to be an engaging teacher, and an example of competence and commitment to excellence. Highly recommended!" Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Executive Director of
  • This course helped me to succeed in establishing a daily habit which I have been struggling with for a few years, so for me it has been a real milestone and worth every penny. It has also given me the know-how for implementing new life changing habits in the future. I think this is a priceless opportunity for anyone who sincerely wants to succeed in making some positive changes in their life.
    Fahreen Afzal, UK
  • May I say that it was a beautiful learning experience full of gems, and very well delivered. Alhamdulilah..
    Adeeb Usmani, UK  
  • Tushar makes us realize that we can do much more than what we are doing now and enjoy doing it. We really feel that we can do more without the fear of being overwhelmed. Boumediene Hamzi, Professor of Mathematics